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The insights I share in the audio presentation, I believe are an absolute MUST if you want to transform to your best self! Along with empowering insights in all 5 modules, I have also included simple yet very powerful short exercises that will lead to leaps and bounds of transformation within you. The insights and exercises will help to develop a positive mental attitude and self-image contributing to a healthier and balanced relationship you have with yourself and therefore others. The insights will introduce you to concepts that you may not have heard of before that will take you from a place of low self worth, feeling self pity, living from a place of ego - your lower mind, having relationships that do not serve you in a positive way, not knowing your power of creation/manifestation to understanding that you too have a special unique purpose!



In this Introductory module, we’ll look at the difference between Self-esteem and Self-empowerment. Although there may be an over lap, they do not translate to the exact same thing. We'll learn the symptoms of low self esteem, what contributes to a low self worth, and why it is important to empower yourself! We'll also see that a lack of self-empowerment can stop you from living your best and most joyful life by keeping you stuck in the same old patterns which can keep you trapped in cycles of recurring issues that lead to suffering! Respect yourself enough to know you deserve the very Best!


Reconnect with the Power of Your True Nature 

In this section, you will be introduced to a concept of your TRUE NATURE, a concept that you may or may not be aware of. Your true nature is simply your true essence, your original self, a deeper space inside of you – Its a space beyond limitations you put on yourself, and a space beyond your ego self. Connecting to your True Nature will help you become empowered and develop your self worth. It will help you overcome low self esteem issues, your fears, need for approvals, depression, anxiety, worries and so on. You'll further be introduced to the concepts of "Higher Mind" and the "Lower Mind", and how your Lower Mind is connected to low self esteem. We'll see how one can overcome their lower mind to get on a path of living a more joyful life through choices coming from a place of a Higher Mind.

Exercise - Connecting with the Stillness Within

This exercise will help you connect with that quiet place within you that is untouched by all the external dramas of your life. This is a peaceful place and a space that you may or may not have experienced before. You may however have gotten a taste of it while getting a very relaxing massage at a spa for instance with the soothing music, the smell of therapeutic oils and the relaxing massage all working to take you to a peaceful place. This technique can help you reconnect with that deep space within where your true nature, your best self, your higher mind, your higher self, or some would call it your god-self resides.


Re-Assess Your Close Relationships

Your Relationships can Make You or Break You! Your Relationships have the power to either promote your well-being or can be a hindrance to it. They can truly empower you or destroy your self worth! They can help you grow, flourish, be supportive, loving OR they can be destructive, unloving, unsupportive, jealous, help lower your self-esteem, diminish your self worth and so on. What are your relationships like?

In this module we will take a look at the importance of having healthy relationships and examining your close relationships if you want to live your best, most joyful life! We will take a look at how toxic relationships are just that, TOXIC and that you do not have the obligation to be in a toxic relationship with even your closest ones, if they do not serve your highest growth!

Exercise - Discovering the Toxic Relationships in  your Life

This exercise will help you assess your relationships. It’ll help you discover whether a person is conducive or a hindrance to you living your best life! We often have emotional attachments to people and that it may be tough to see things in a more objective way however the point of this exercise is to bring you more objectivity so you can move away from all that is not good for you and move towards your highest potential in life, a more joyful life!Please be truthful in your answers. The exercise is also between you and you so there is no need to sugarcoat any of your answers. To the extent you are truthful with yourself, is the extent this exercise will be beneficial to you!


Stop the Self-Pitying and Get Over Your Painful Past

Painful experiences can leave us devastated and scarred for years! Our experiences shape us into what we become. We move through life with experiences that can really destroy our peace of mind, or break our trust and leave us shattered. Our perspective gets tainted with fear and mistrust. We put the pieces of our lives back together and try to move on. This can prove to be very challenging. We start to perceive every situation in our present life through a filter of the past.

The healing can take a very long time and even so, it may be a superficial healing that simply masks the deep-rooted trauma rather than true healing at the deeper level. For this reason, you can move on with your life, but not necessarily from your past.

In this module, you will learn the importance of leaving the past behind and the affects of holding onto the past on your current life. You will also learn how you can move past your past trauma so you can lead a healthier life today!

Exercise – Letting Go of Your Past

This soul digging exercise will help you in starting to let go of your past. Simply answer each of the questions with as much honesty as possible! Please be truthful in your answers. The exercise is also between you and you so there is no need to sugarcoat any of your answers. To the extent you are truthful with yourself, is the extent this exercise will be beneficial to you!

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Overcome Negative Thoughts and Practice Mindfulness

Thoughts are very powerful! They can help us achieve our goals and help us become successful in all areas of our lives or they can have the reverse affect. Thoughts can be happy or sad, positive or negative, irregular or predictable, uplifting or damning, they can make you or break you!

In this Module you will learn the power of negative and positive thoughts, understand how they can lead to a more joyful or painful life, and how YOU hold the key to creating a life you desire! You will learn how your thoughts create your reality and how you are largely responsible for manifesting the material goods and experiences in your reality. You will learn how to manage your thoughts so you can become truly empowered!

You will learn the KEY to gaining control over your life and manifestations rather than running on autopilot with negativity having a control over the outcomes of your life!

The CHOICE is truly yours to make!

Exercise - Attaining Mindfulness

This exercise will help you understand what is really going on inside your mind, and become aware of any negative or self-defeating thought patterns and enable you to keep your mind clear, in a more positive state. Repeated use of this exercise with help you become aware of the daily quality of your thoughts even when you are not in a meditative state. It will allow you to become empowered and help you to disconnect yourself from the cycle of negativity.


Visualize a New Reality into Creation

Your thoughts create your reality! In this module, we will take a look at how you have the ability to change the course of your life through manifesting your desires rather than being on an autopilot and manifesting randomly based on your thoughts. You have more control on the outcome of your life than you believe. Your focus, intention, thoughts and fears pull some of the pleasant or unpleasant experiences in your life. You are a creative being and are creating at all times, consciously and/or unconsciously.

All our lives we’ve been taught to give our power away externally but never taught that you have what it takes to create outcomes in your life that may be more joyful than those you are experiencing! You will now learn to gain your power back and learn the keys to manifesting your desires consciously so you can move onto living a more purposeful and joyful life that you truly desire!

Exercise - Visualization

This exercise will help guide you with your visualizations and affirmations so you are able to take control and manifest more of what you want in your life. The second part of the exercise will help you plant your desires into that deep still place within you, from which your desires can be manifested quicker.

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